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Rep. Richard Proehl (R-KS 7th District)

8th term Republican from Kansas 7th District.


Residence: Parsons

Marital Status: Married (Linda)

Prev. Occupation: Banker

Prev. Political Exp.: KS House, 2005-present

Military: USA

Education: BS Kansas State University, 1967; MS Kansas State University, 1972

Birthdate: 11/06/1944

Birthplace: Emporia, KS

Religion: Methodist


Current Elected Office Contact Information

Contact Rep. Richard Proehl via email.

Website: kslegislature.org/li/b2019_20/members/rep_proehl_richard_1/

Topeka Office:

581-W Capitol Building,
Kansas 66612
Phone: (785) 296-7639

Parsons Office: (more district offices)

510 Pine Ridge Road
Parsons, Kansas 67357
Phone: (620) 421-1804
Fax: (620) 421-2042


Current Elected Office Committees:


Current Elected Office Key Votes:

These are our key votes and this is how Rep. Richard Proehl voted on our issues. Click on each heading to sort.

Status Name of Legislation Date Voted Score
SB 109 03/28/2007 Aye Voted For
SB 362 03/23/2007 Aye Voted Against
HB 2159 02/15/2007 Aye Voted For

P = Passed Voted For Us= Voted With Us
A = Agreed To Voted Against= Voted Against Us
R = Rejected Not Scored= Not Scored
C = Confirmed Ineligible to Vote= Ineligible to Vote
F = Failed

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